Posted by: mdmusingsie | April 9, 2023

Happy Ostara

It’s the time of eggs and fertility along with rebirth and renewal. Potentially, a time where modern religions have the most in common with the ancient beliefs.

The land begins its cycle of rebirth after its winter slumber, just as Christianity celebrates the resurrection.

In years past I’ve shown all kinds of chocolate Easter eggs that are at the center of Irish Easter candy.  There are no pastel-wrapped miniatures, no Peeps (thankfully!), no Easter baskets, and, believe it or not, no jelly beans.  It’s all about the Chocolate eggs.

Whether it’s the lingering effects of the pandemic or the economic crisis, the selection of unique Easter eggs has deteriorated to the point where I couldn’t find anything as a real stand-out this year. Butler’s offerings were smaller on the flavor scale than last year, and the shapes and designs very much same old, same old. Other brands fared no better.  Even in the novelty area where I once found a Frozen castle in 2016, there was nothing to wow over.

I did pick up one egg from Lir.  It had a classy look, but nothing that would really make you sit up and take notice.

Maybe it’s time for chocolatiers to look at their offerings and put their creative caps back on to come up with something more interesting next year.

In the end, the chocolate eggs get smashed into bite sized pieces, so pick your favorite flavor and enjoy!

For more interesting past selections check out my Easter posts from previous years 2013 (part 1 of 2), 2014, 2015, (2016 link above), 2017, 2019.


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