Posted by: mdmusingsie | March 26, 2016

I’m Dreaming of a White….Easter!

Let me clear any misconceptions – no, I am not hoping for the four letter word s-n-o-w!

Whilst many people are on the healthy dark chocolate train, I’m still wedded to the white variety. This year, the Easter Bunny was in my court as I trolled the shops looking for what was new and exciting in eggs this year.

My first find is a new take on a chicken coop – a white chocolate egg house with milk chocolate roof and door. It even came with a pair of occupants who have promised an endless supply of chocolate eggs in exchange for a roof over their heads (I can dream, can’t I?).


This next find wasn’t an egg at all, but since I’m a sucker for white chocolate and castle hunting is one of my favorite past times, I just couldn’t pass up this creation from the Disney marketing machine based on the movie Frozen. A bit cheesy with the blue turrets, I still couldn’t leave it on the shelf.


If you think Disney was the only one cashing in on Easter this year, think again. Just above the castles in the Easter candy aisle were milk chocolate Darth Vader heads. One might have imagined that they would be more appropriate in dark chocolate to better align with the character, but when you consider the target audience, milk chocolate is still king.

This year’s picks are certainly not top of the charts in the area of chocolate quality, but they did fit the bill for eggstraordinary appearance.

I hope your Easter basket is full of your favorites!



  1. Happy Easter to you from Seattle, Dawm!

    • Happy Easter to you and Dale!

  2. […] same old, same old. Other brands fared no better.  Even in the novelty area where I once found a Frozen castle in 2016, there was nothing to wow […]

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