Cé hé mise?

My name is Dawn Wisniewski and I’m writing about my sojourns in Ireland and other parts of Europe.  This is part travel-blog, part review of music and other events, part whimsy, and part inspiration.

Oh, by the way, I’m studying Irish (Gaelic) as well – hence the title 😉



  1. Did I miss the post sharing your adventures at Ballymote castle? Was it the one you couldn’t find? Where is it located? Was the Book of Ballymote wrote there oR near by at some monastery? It was the monastic scribes who in the 11th & 12th century that began to write its sanitized version of Irish history & lore.

    If you made there did you post pictures ?


    • The first castle in the BBTTG post is about Ballymote Castle — the one with the locked gate. If I can find the time (and a vehicle) I would like to go back there and get the key to the gate so I can go inside. Parkes Castle is the one I couldn’t find.

      I looked up the Book of Ballymote and it says it was written by scribes to the McDonagh and McDermot families at Ballymote Castle in the late 14th century. There’s a picture in the gallery on my website. I have other pictures of the castle as well, but need to shrink them to post them, which is time consuming. I will try and post a few more.

      Thanks for reading 😉

  2. Lol, learning Irish. We had no choice when I was in school. I’m glad it is no longer an entry requirement for university!

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