Posted by: mdmusingsie | June 5, 2016

Bloomin’ Hot

You know you’re in Ireland where you’re neighbors remark that it’s getting a little too warm when the temperature hits 70 (F ~20 C).  Of course, I agree with them.  One of the reasons I moved to Ireland was for the weather which averages about 65 (F) during the summer.

So when I headed out to the annual Bloom Festival in the Phoenix Park, I did so with some trepidation as the temperatures have been slowly but steadily climbing this week along with the humidity.  I dared to trust the weather person who said there would be clouds in the morning, and technically there were, until I reached the festival parking lot, which was really a field with grass nearly as tall as the wheels on my car.  It seemed like half of Dublin had the same idea.

Direct sunlight (not to mention masses of people) is not good for taking photographs, so some of the photos aren’t as good as I would have liked, but hopefully you get the idea.  I wasn’t as impressed with many of the show gardens this year.  There seemed to be an over-abundance of flowers making things look like overgrown wildflower meadows.  Landscaping is an art form and therefore subject to individual tastes, and mine run towards a more simplistic and low maintenance.


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I stood again to drool over the lawn mowers that mow by themselves – Stihl had one this year in addition to the Husqvarna ones I saw last time.  They continue to be out of my price range.

My favorite sculpture was the rose tree – needs no watering, fertilizing, or trimming and blooms year round.  I also liked the sandstone patio set.  It’s hard to see the beautiful colors in the photo, but look at the base of the table and you’ll see how lovely it was. The granite owls were adorable as well. (Patio set and owls from S&N granite.)

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This particular exhibit puts new meaning into green vehicles.


It was somewhat pleasant in the shade, especially when a rare breeze blew by, but in direct sunlight with the humidity, it felt more like 95 than 75.  Despite a bottle of water, a bottle of lemonade and a gelato, I had reached my heat limit after about 2 ½ hrs and headed back to the not quite cool but at least out of the sun home.  My arms are a bit sunburned and are exhibiting the itch I get when exposed to sun for any extended period, so it was well past time.

Summer in Ireland can be as fleeting as a couple of days of sun strung together or, as in the case this year, several weeks of all day sun and nearly no rain.  For those who enjoy the sun but can’t afford a holiday in the sunny Espania, the Seychelles or the south of France, this is their only chance at sunshine and warmth, so I’ll quit my whinging and turn on my fan (air conditioning? – don’t make me laugh).








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