Posted by: mdmusingsie | May 4, 2015

Swan Nesting

I was in Galway recently for the annual literary festival Cuirt, and since it’s the same time of year that I discovered my first ever swan nest, I had to check the canal near the cathedral to see if there was any activity this year.

My efforts were rewarded! Farther from the road than previous years, the nest mound already existed but it was vacant at the moment. Instead, the male swan hadn’t finished his duties as he was busy digging through the reeds and piece by piece, adding to the already considerable nest.


Building the nest, piece by piece

A little while later the expectant mother returned, taking her time fluffing herself and shaking off any excess water before settling atop the nest. She hadn’t sat for more than a few moments before she rose and started digging through the reeds – obviously the mattress wasn’t as comfortable as she would like it.

Making herself comfy

Making herself comfy

Eventually she had arranged things to suit her and settled down. The male hung close by, still occasionally searching for additional fodder in case his mate needed more comfort. Too bad I won’t be there to see the fruits of their labor.

Resting, at last

Resting, at last

The happy couple

The happy couple

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