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Copenhagen Castles (cuid a haon)

Anyone who knows me or has read my blog for a while knows that one of my favorite past times is castle hunting. Maybe it’s because I’m from the United States where our structures only go back a little over 200 years and castles are few and far between, or maybe it’s some kind of past-life longing that makes me yearn to be in and around castles.

There are several to be found in the greater Copenhagen area as well as more dotted around the country. In the center of the city in The King’s Garden sits Rosenborg Castle which is also home to Denmark’s crown jewels and other artifacts from the Danish Kings and Queens from Christian IV to Frederik VII.

Rosenborg - front view

Rosenborg – front view

Rosenborg - side view

Rosenborg – side view

In the grand scheme of castles, Rosenborg is quite young, being built between 1606 and 1634 by King Christian IV. This is certainly no bare-bones, stripped down Norman tower – there is glitz, glamor, marble, glass, and tapestries to spare. This wasn’t even his main pad – just the summer house.

Mirror room

Mirror room

Rosenborg30_sm Rosenborg23_sm Rosenborg22_sm

Even the circular staircase has room for more than one person and treads to accommodate shoe sizes greater than five (US).


One room contains an assortment of Venetian and northern European glass. Another displays assorted porcelain dinner sets (we can’t possibly use the same set we used at the last state dinner!).


Glass room

Glass room

The top floor contains the King and Queen’s coronation thrones as well as the every day, smaller throne at the other end of the Long Hall.

King's throne (narwhale tusk) and Queen's (Silver)

King’s throne (narwhale tusk) and Queen’s (Silver)

"everyday" throne

“everyday” throne

Even Christian IV’s…er…private throne is covered in enough tile images to keep a King entertained whilst he makes a deposit.

The private "throne" room

The private “throne” room

And they certainly don’t make furniture like this anymore.


Christian IV writing desk

Rosenborg33_sm Rosenborg32_sm

Down in the basement is the serious bling. Gold, jewels, crowns, scepters and more. If you’re wondering what to get me for Christmas, I’m partial to the emerald tiara. I don’t mind a knock-off as long as the stones are genuine :-).

I get neck pain just looking at this necklace.

I get neck pain just looking at this necklace.

Rosenborg17_sm Rosenborg16_sm Rosenborg14_sm

Crowns used by Kings Christian V to Christian VIII (1671+) and Queens Crown (1731)

Crowns used by Kings Christian V to Christian VIII (1671+) and Queens Crown (1731)

Christian IV's Crown - 1596 (also used by Frederik III)

Christian IV’s Crown – 1596 (also used by Frederik III)


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