Posted by: mdmusingsie | July 10, 2010

The best laid plans….

No amount of perfect planning can overcome Mother Nature.  All that rain that hung around the Pacific Northwest in June has finally made its way to Ireland.  I had been hoping to make it out to the Aran Islands this weekend, but it rained most of the day Saturday and Sunday isn’t supposed to be any different.  I’m afraid the baby will have to stay on the cliff until I return next time (if you have no idea what I’m talking about, watch the movie Man of Aran).  Sure, this is something I should have done much sooner, but at that point I had plenty of time to do all these things.   I have no doubt there will be a “next time” so it will just have to wait until then.

The rain didn’t stop me from going for a walk this evening, however (boat rides are different – I’m prone to motion sickness).  I had been in the apartment all day, working hard editing my novel and decided I needed some fresh air.  The rain had temporarily stopped so I thought I’d go out and see how far I could get before becoming soaked (yes, I have an umbrella, but that takes all the challenge out of the adventure).

At first I wasn’t sure if I’d make it past NUIG, but when it didn’t rain, I just kept on going along the canal all the way to Galway Bay.  There’s an inlet just past where the kayakers play polo where a large colony of swans hang out and they were there en force today.  Despite the questionable weather, there were quite a few other people out walking along the water.  As I stood looking out across Galway Bay a brief shower passed by and again near the Cathedral on the way back, but nothing serious.

On the way out I thought about going back to the US and how I will likely fall back into all my old habits like driving to the store and having my walking consist mostly of going from the car to the office and back.  Of course, the weather in the summer is not conducive to walking, at least for people like me that avoid sun and temperatures over 70.  I would much rather take a walk in the rain.   It’s just not the same back there; however – no other way for me to explain it.

Rosalie, one of my roommates, is a bird aficionado and we had been talking about birds at dinner because I mentioned seeing an interesting one the other day with a long blue stripe on its back and short fan tail and white body and wings.  She said it was a magpie, but after looking them up, I wasn’t convinced.  So on my way back I saw another interesting bird (now mind you, I’m primarily a city-slicker who can barely tell a bluebird from a robin).  It had a black body, grey wings and what looked like a white beard.  This time I took a photo with my phone (I wasn’t the only one and had left the camera at the apartment).  It was standing along the river bank staring off into space while assorted cars and pedestrians passed by.  Turns out it was a grey heron with its head tucked in making it look like it had a beard.  When I get around to finding the proper cord to download pictures from my phone, I’ll post it (which makes me wonder yet again why we must have one or more different cords for each electronic device {heavy sigh}). 

So there it is; your nature update for this week.  I’ll be in Cork among other places next weekend and will hopefully have something more interesting to post by then 😉


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