Posted by: mdmusingsie | May 29, 2020

Tidings and Trivia

It continues to be a strange world as countries go from shrinking into a bud to starting to bloom again and hoping the pollen doesn’t re-spread, forcing us back underground.

With travel limited to the local grocery store recently, only expanding to hardware stores and garden centres this week, there’s little to report on exploring the country.

But there’s always something to bring a bright spot to the day.  Recently, it was the appearance of two “Horton Hears a Who” flowers in my front yard (that weren’t there last year).  I know they have a scientific name, but not one that I seem to want to recall.  With no Bloom garden festival this year, this is as close as it getsFlower2_smFlower1_sm.

I didn’t try and talk to the residents of Whoville (I haven’t been in lockdown, starved for human company THAT long).  Besides, we need to save those hospital beds, even the ones in the psych ward, for Covid and other more serious illnesses.

Oddly enough, “Horton Hears a Who” was on TV in the last week (reminding me to create this post).

If you’re feeling shut in, bored, and listless, have a look around.  You’d be surprised at the interesting things you can find right outside your door that you hadn’t noticed before.


On the trivia side, which key do you think is used the most on the keyboard?  On my nearly new (only since working from home in mid-March) external keyboard that I’m using because the keyboard on my laptop does not have the “push” effect I rely on for accurate typing, I have worn off the sticker on the most used key.  Can you spot it?


The I’s have it!  A few on its coattails are E, R, and T which I’ve worn off the keyboard in the office – at least it took me about 5 years to wear those off, not 10 weeks.  Since I’m a touch typer, I don’t need to see the letters, but when one of my co-workers was helping me solve a problem one time he complained about the missing letter markings as he visual-types.

So maybe that will help you on your next pub quiz when they ask for some of the most frequently used keys on the keyboard (results may vary by country/language).



  1. Your flower is stunning, Dawn! Enjoy and stay healthy. Marie

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