Posted by: mdmusingsie | September 28, 2019

Back in the Saddle (so to speak)

After nearly a year of stress and trauma over buying a house in Ireland, remodeling, and moving, I’m finally back in the saddle and out and about (though it has taken me a while to write things up and arrange the photos.)

My first real outing was during Heritage week in August.  Although I only made it to one event, I considered it a breakthrough.

This is actually the second year in a row I’ve attended this particular event called Feis Teamhra held at the Visitors Centre on the Hill or Tara.  It’s a celebration of literature and music hosted by Susan McKeown and Paul Muldoon. Last year the featured fiction writer was none other than Sebastian Barry along with poet David Wheatly and the musical group Mongoose.  I was quite impressed with Sebastian Barry’s live reading.  He really breathes life into the words as he reads them aloud.

The program begins with music, followed by a reading by each writer, more music, then, after a short intermission, the cycle repeats.  Last year, although I enjoyed the music, I thought it took up too much of the program.  The musical act had 4 sets whilst the readers only had two each and they were considerably shorter in length.  Maybe they took the comments that I put on the Heritage Week survey on board, as this year, although the format was the same, the amount of music at each segment had been slightly reduced.

This year the feature readers were novelist Glenn Patterson and poet Eamon Grennan.  The music was provided by Sive, who they announced had sold more CDs at the event than any previous musical act.

While waiting in the church-cum-visitor’s centre, I was checking out the stained glass window and walls and happened to see what looked like the shadow of a musician playing the piano in the corner of the wall to the right of the window.  The head seems enclosed in a halo and the arms reach either for piano or maybe a desk, depending on your interpretation.  See what you think.


It’s a lovely afternoon out and my only wish would be that it lasted longer than 2 hours.  I’m already looking forward to the last Sunday in August, 2020.


  1. Nice having you back, Dawn!

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