Posted by: mdmusingsie | October 21, 2018

Inis Oirr – Revisited

My second set of visitors and I also took the boat ride to Inis Oirr; however, due to the weather (mid September), the Cliffs of Moher part of the cruise had to be cancelled.  On the way to the island it was a bit choppy and more than once we hit a wave and received a salty splash.  By the time we reached the island the sun had come out and helped us to dry in short order.

Instead of the horse and cart ride, we opted for the tractor.  Unfortunately, our ride had to be cut short as the driver had a wedding to attend in Galway and needed to catch the little 6-seater plane that flies to and from the island.


Inis Oirr

While waiting to return on the ferry, we happened to catch the Ferrier in a visit to tend to the horses.


Ferrier visiting Inis Oirr


Ferrier visiting Inis Oirr

Fortunately, the return boat trip was much smoother and we arrived back on the mainland with nary a drop of sea water.

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