Posted by: mdmusingsie | September 1, 2018

Queens (or at least Princesses) for a Day

I can’t believe I forgot the pièce de résistance.  We spent the night in a fabulous castle in Tralee!  Ballyseede Castle is located just outside of the town of Tralee in County Kerry.  This is what a proper castle stay should be – all the ambiance of a castle with the right amount of mod-cons (i.e. a proper bathroom and not a garderobe) and no royalty-only prices.

The outside is a fabulous 16th century structure and they have kept the inside tastefully decorated; reminiscent of bygone eras.  This is in contrast to some castle hotels where the castle look and feel, disappear as soon as you cross the threshold.

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We each had our own room and they ranged from the single (double bed, shower only), to the standard (I thought it well above standard), and the deluxe (four poster bed).  While maybe not quite fit for a queen, the standard room that I had certainly appealed to my princess tastes.  The room was good sized with views over the garden.  They actually had top sheets on the bed (a real rarity in Ireland) and face cloths in the bathroom (another near rarity).   We were on the 2nd floor (3rd floor if you’re from the US), and although there isn’t an elevator, the staff will happily schlep your bag up the stairs (and back down again).

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Between floors there’s a nice sitting area to have a chat and a view over the gardens.  It also has two lounge areas – one with free tea and biscuits.  There is a formal dining room that doubles as the breakfast room, as well as a small pub that serves food.

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Most castles probably have ghosts, whether the staff admit to it or not.  Ballyseede is said to have several, however, you best chance to glimpse one is on March 24th when Hilda, the last of the Blennerhssett family who once owned the castle, appears in the Crosby Room.  We didn’t see any ghosts, but we were there in July.


  1. Your adventures look great!!…hope you get to experience a ghost in your next one

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