Posted by: mdmusingsie | August 11, 2018

A Jaunt Around Muckross

After driving past the jaunty-car car-park for several days, we had planned to go for a ride before we left Kerry.  A damp morning had us wondering if we’d have to forgo this adventure.  When we drove by, however, we noticed that the carriages had snap-on plastic “windows” – the ride was on!

We had a lovely driver who took us meandering through Killarney National Park, pointing out many of the native as well as imported species of plants and trees.  He also had quite an extensive knowledge of the history of the area.


Jaunty Car – Muckross

Our ride took us all the way to Muckross House and back.  Because it was drizzling on the way out, we postponed our exploration of Muckross Abbey for the return journey and were rewarded with dry weather.

Although the 15th century abbey is a ruin, quite a bit of it is still intact.  I particularly liked the courtyard with the gorgeous yew tree growing in the centre.


Muckross Abbey


Muckross Abbey


Muckross Abbey


Muckross Abbey – Yew tree in courtyard

I’m glad we went on this ride; it’s a relaxing way to spend a few hours enjoying lovely scenery.


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