Posted by: mdmusingsie | August 5, 2018

L Roads to Lovely Loch Lein

Heading south, we wound our way down to Killarney in County Kerry.

Now, I’m not saying that modern GPS navigation is a bad thing, but we had some interesting experiences with the navigations systems after leaving Galway.  First, my Garmin hadn’t a clue about the new M18 motorway, even though I had applied updates less than a month earlier.  When I say new motorway, I’m not talking about it being finished merely a month or less ago – it’s over a year old; and longer if you count the building of it.

For a good 20-30 minutes, the Garmin screen looked as if my car was plowing through fields as it actually sped down the motorway.  Eventually it caught up and placed a road under my graphically-depicted wheels.

As we headed further south, so did the ability of GPS to get us to our destinations in something other than a white-knuckled, round-about manner.  I had switched navigation systems at this point, hoping Google Maps was more up to date.  However, for some reason, Google Maps seems to think the fastest way anywhere is on L roads in Ireland.  L actually stands for little, local, back-roads, barely enough room for two cars to inch past each other.  They are roads where I frequently see my life flash before me as I round a narrow curve, expecting either car or truck to be barreling towards me.  Listen up Google – L roads are NOT faster, unless you’ve lived there your entire life and know the ins and outs.  They are not for tourists or the faint at heart.

We did eventually make it to the cottage just outside of Killarney we were renting, though I must say my nerves were quite frayed.  We also made it into town for dinner, but trying to find the Tesco was a Google Maps nightmare.  I spotted a Lidl store after several mis-turns and called it good.

Before heading to Muckross house, we decided on lunch at the Lake Hotel.  It’s right on Loch Lein, which is quite lovely.  There’s a castle ruin on the edge of the lake, worth exploring.  A nice ‘aah’ moment after the adventures of modern travel.


Loch Lein, Co Kerry


Loch Lein, Co Kerry


Reed Beds, Loch Lein, Co Kerry


Reed Beds, Loch Lein, Co Kerry


  1. Glad you found some peace and rest!

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