Posted by: mdmusingsie | August 5, 2018

Damp in Dingle

The drought was bound to ease at some point, and it started while we were taking a tour around the Dingle peninsula (this was back in mid-July, I’m a little behind in my posts). Unfortunately, we didn’t book early enough to get a small bus tour that takes you to places the larger buses can’t maneuver, but we were treated to some beautiful scenery.

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Our first stop was Inch beach.  Definitely a surfers’ haven as they had surfboard rentals set up along the beach.  Plenty of cars driving on the beach as well.  That can be risky business.  The bus driver said there’s a farmer that will come and pull you out with his tractor if you get stuck – for somewhere in the neighborhood of 20-50 Euro!


Inch Beach, Kerry


Inch Beach, Kerry

Along the drive we came across a number of bee-hive huts or clochán as they’re known in Irish.  They’re dry stone structures, similar to the dry stone walls you see all around Ireland.  Many associate them with monks and monasteries, but no one is entirely sure what or how they were used.  Were they mini-homes (they look more like solitary confinement), storage places, animal shelters, or all of the above.


Bee-hive hut – Dingle, Co Kerry

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