Posted by: mdmusingsie | July 15, 2018

Dark Hedges – in Bloom

Just because you’ve done a bus tour before doesn’t mean it will be the same next time.  Sometimes all it takes is a different driver/guide to change the experience. However, occasionally the tour companies mix up the tour as well.

That’s what happened on my recent Belfast trip.  A few years back I took the tour with friends visiting from the US.  This year I had another set of friends visiting and there is a new stop on the tour – the Dark Hedges, near Ballymoney.  Fans of Game of Thrones will recognize this particular road.


Bregagh Road is flanked on both sides with beech trees planted in the 18th century, which were designed to impress visitors to Gracehill House.  They continue to impress today, though slightly less ominous in daylight and in full bloom.  At dusk or after dark, watch out for the ghost!

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Due to the popularity given the road by the Game of Thrones series, traffic, especially to tour buses is limited.  However, it’s less than a 10 minute walk from one end to the other, and it’s definitely worth the trip.

Other highlights of the tour are your choice of the Black Taxi Tour of Belfast or the Titanic Museum. Since I’d taken the Black Taxi tour last time, I chose the Titanic Museum this time.  We all agreed it was well done, covering all aspects of the fated cruise ship from how it was constructed to the glimpse into the cabins, stories of the crew as well as survivors, all the way through its demise.

A visit to the north isn’t complete without a visit to the Giant’s Causeway.  There’s a new visitors’ center as well as audio sticks you can rent that give the geologic as well as mythological history of the awe inspiring phenomena.  More info on my previous post.

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  1. Dawn, it’s wonderful learning even more of your travels and tours. You certainly are enjoying your life in Ireland! A very Happy Birthday to you from your friends in Washington MO.
    Marie and Dale

    • Thanks so much Marie and Dale. I’m glad you’re enjoying my adventures vicariously!

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