Posted by: mdmusingsie | July 7, 2018

Ardgillan Castle – Revisited

My first visit to Ardgillan Castle October 2016 had me restricted to the outside.  I finally made it back to get a view of the inside.

There weren’t any formal tours today, but we were given a map with some history and there were information signs in the rooms.

As this facility is used for many different events, the lounge/drawing room was somewhat sparsely furnished.  There was quite a bit of furniture crammed into the sunroom, however.

Looking at the door frames that separate the rooms you can see that the inner walls are at least two feet thick.  Since there are outer doors and inner doors to the main rooms, there’s enough room for someone to spy on a conversation without being seen from either side.



Ardgillan – Lounge to sunroom view


Ardgillan – Coffee urn – see the intricate castings on the handle


Ardgillan – thick walls, double set of doors


Ardgillan – entry facing out


Ardgillan – archway

The dining room was quite impressive with the intricately carved doors and paneling.  It also featured a hidden door, to the left of the mirror, which led to the Butler’s Pantry.


Ardgillan – Dining room fireplace


Ardgillan – Carved wood paneling


Ardgillan – Carved wood inner doors


Ardgillan – Carved sideboard and mirror


Ardgillan – hidden door from dining room to butler’s pantry


Ardgillan – butler’s pantry

Two more hidden doors led into and out of the library and were quite cleverly designed to look like bookshelves.  The latch to open the doors was carefully concealed in the woodwork.


Ardgillan – hidden door on right…


Ardgillan – Library hidden door on left

I did ask about the hallway to nowhere and was told there had been plans at one time to have that lead to gardens in the back, but it was never completed.


Stairway to hallway to nowhere?

In the walled garden, the fruit trees are trained to grow against wire fencing to make it easier to pick the fruit.

Despite the drought Ireland was suffering (high temperatures and no rain for over 30 days at this point), the rose garden was beautifully in bloom. Ardgillan_117_sm

Ardgillan – rose garden


Ardgillan – walled garden


  1. Glad you were able to revisit this beautiful castle, Dawn.

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