Posted by: mdmusingsie | March 31, 2018

California Dreamin’ – Part 4 (Final)

Apologies for the delay in finishing the California series.  Technical issues with my laptop, long hours at work, etc. got in the way.

The last stop on the trip was Santa Monica.  About an hour’s ride from Downtown on a reasonably priced mass transit train.


Since Santa Monica has a pier, I was expecting something, well, more than what I found.  After a steep downhill walk (and already dreading the walk back uphill), we wandered the length of the pier.  There were a few tourist-trinket-filled shops, several restaurants, an arcade, and small amusement park and a smattering of other oddities.  Maybe it’s livelier when they have events or in the summer months, but in the middle of winter, it just looked a bit tired and sad.


The beach, however, was lovely.  We strolled a fair way down as my friend gathered a handful of small shells; however, the sun was scorching with the temperature near 90 degrees (F) so we went in search of some shade.


Santa Monica Beach

After lunch and cold drinks, we walked along Third Street Promenade – a pedestrianized, open-air, several block long mall.  However, this wasn’t your typical shop-street.  There wasn’t a CVS or Walgreens to be found, or a convenience store, either.  Primarily it sported high end and fashionable shops and restaurants with a couple movie theaters thrown in.

I was surprised to find a Carlo’s Bakery!  I’m a big fan of the TV show Cake Boss, having made a few cakes in my day (old school butter-cream piping, baby).  There were plenty of mouthwatering choices, but I decided to try my first lobster tail filled with dreamy salted caramel filling.  I also picked up a generous sized cheese Danish for breakfast the next morning.  Visiting a Carlo’s Bakery by itself was worth the trip to Santa Monica.  The shop had only been open a few months, so my timing was near perfect. Thanks, Buddy and the gang, as well as the staff at the Santa Monica site.

Here are a few more photos of sculptures we found around the downtown area.



I feel like this plenty of days at work!

I hope you enjoyed this sun-filled sojourn nestled in the middle of winter.


  1. Thanks and Happy Easter, Dawn!

  2. It is uhmm not what one world expect.. and ..yes…. its a hustle/bustle place hang onto your wallet time of year when its tourist season

    The beaches are perfect for stickin toes down in the sand and wave /people watching wink*

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