Posted by: mdmusingsie | March 2, 2018

Emma and the Beast from the East

We interrupt this regularly scheduled trip through sunny Los Angeles with breaking news of a blizzard in Dublin, Ireland.

Yes, you heard that right, a blizzard in Ireland.  There’s a foot of snow in my back yard, accumulated over the last 3 days.

The first few flakes started falling on Tuesday.  I opened the door to head to work and snow was blowing around the courtyard.  I went back inside and was prepared to work from home when it stopped as quickly as it began.  According to the weather folks, who we know are always right, the snow wasn’t due until well into the evening.  A few more flakes fell and melted during the day and just as I was leaving work an ominous black cloud spread across the sky and the snow started falling in earnest.

Most people had gone home already, thankfully, so I encountered only a handful of vehicles on my 2 km (1.2 mile) drive home; which was a good thing as I was being quite slow and cautious and didn’t want to encounter some renegade thinking they could stop on a dime.  It stopped again not long after I arrived home.

Wednesday morning came and during the night a good 3 inches had fallen.  Luckily I can work from home as I wasn’t about to play chicken with a bunch of people who can count on one hand how many times they’ve driven in snow.  About 80% of my company worked from home that day.

On Thursday I’m pretty sure it had risen to 100% working from home as the back garden had accumulations closer to 6-8 inches and the blizzard was due to arrive around 4 pm.  Warnings were all over the news to go home and stay home – it was going to be a doozy.  That hour came and went and only a few flakes had fallen during the day.  The heavy hitter came overnight.

Up until now, the south and west of the country had escaped largely unscathed.  Dublin had been hit the hardest by this Beast from the East as they were calling it.  (For those who haven’t yet been convinced of global warming, the polar vortex had risen 50 degrees which caused the jet stream to flow from east to west instead of the other way around.  That just ain’t normal, folks.)

But storm Emma came charging up from the south and ran smack dab into the Beast from the East and dumped a load of snow all over Ireland and the United Kingdom.

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Dublin buses haven’t run for 2 days.  The train service stopped running at mid-day on Thursday, and flights from all the airports have been cancelled since Thursday morning.  Some people have been sleeping in Dublin airport because they either can’t find, afford, or get to a hotel.

A kindly neighbor has been shoveling the walkway in the cul-de-sac (I don’t own a shovel at the moment). A few have braved the elements to get out to work or to try and pick up a few groceries.


Neighborhood kids built a snowman

Supposedly, the great thaw will begin sometime on Saturday with things returning to semi-normal on Sunday.  As much as I love the weather people, I’m not holding my breath.


(P.S. Don’t you think the title of this blog post would make a great novel.  Although, maybe it’s too similar to another popular beast who meets an enchanting woman.)


  1. Even the snow looks better in Ireland…stay warm!!!

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