Posted by: mdmusingsie | February 10, 2018

California Dreamin’ – Part 1

In late January I was on a part-business, part-leisure trip to Los Angeles.  Having flown all that way from Dublin, a few days of sight-seeing were on the cards.

A colleague suggested the Warner Brothers’ Studio Tour.  I remember going on the Universal Studio tour years back, but didn’t remember having ever done Warner Brothers’, so I was game.

The studio and grounds are sandwiched inside a residential area, and if you didn’t know it was there it would be easy to miss.

After a short film featuring Ellen DeGeneres, we were assigned guides and loaded into carts.  Our first stop was at the Prop Shop – a building several football fields long contained props from both TV and Movie shows.  There was one section that had shelves upon shelves of different style phones.  They actually have an app where anyone making a film can search for and reserve props (for a price).

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Our next stop was a view of vehicles used in the Batman films and also featured a Batman statue.

Warner Brothers’ studio is open for rental to any filmmaker, however large or small.  If you just need a street scene and a few props, that’s available for rent.  Even the trees can be re-located to fit the scene. Want to get married in a studio?  That’s an option, too.

We drove through the streets of several “towns”, some of which were mere façades, while others were complete houses.  Our guide mentioned the name of a number of TV shows that were filmed in these areas, including Friends, Little Sheldon, and Mom.

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Meandering around the sound stages, we noticed designated parking for different high profile directors, writers, and specific TV shows.  Each soundstage has a plaque showing which shows or movies were made, at least in part, inside, and if the TV show had enough longevity, a separate plaque showed the name of the show.

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As it was a Saturday and no filming was happening, we were allowed to view The Ellen DeGeneres set.  If you go during the week you may not get this opportunity, depending on filming schedules.

One of the last stops was an exhibit featuring costumes and props from The Wonder Woman movies as well as Harry Potter.

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The last stop is another exhibition hall where you can sit on the sofas from Friends, pretend you’re a Hobbit, ride a broom, and explore some of the myriad of movies and films.


Costumes from My Fair Lady

It was an interesting look at a little of the behind-the-scenes workings of Hollywood.

Oh, and lest I forget to mention, the temperatures were in the mid-upper 80’s F (30-35 C)!  A far cry from the 33F (1C) when I arrived back in Dublin.


  1. Sounds like a fun adventure, Dawn!

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