Posted by: mdmusingsie | June 23, 2017

Swan Watch 2017

Late April is always a good time to find a swan on her nest, and I wasn’t disappointed when I was in Galway for the Cuirt Literary Festival.  However, I must say I was dismayed to find the area around the nest full of rubbish and discarded plastic bottles.


It might be challenging to clean the area once the swan is on the nest as her mate may be very protective, but come on, people of Galway, have a bit more pride.  With the nest only a stone’s throw from the Cathedral, one would think people would have a little more respect.

Although I haven’t been back since to see how many cygnets she had, I hope it was a good crop and that they are healthy and swimming in cleaner waters.

I did, recently, go and visit the swans in Blanchardstown who had a large birthing this year – 5 cygnets!  They are cute and fluffy, though not quite as aggressive as their parents when it comes to scavenging for food.  The adult swans, along with the ducks, come flocking out of the water when humans come around.  They will walk right up to you and you had better have some bread (preferably brown as it’s healthier for them) and dish it out quickly or they will squawk!  And don’t get too close to those cygnets, either.  One hen strayed a little too far into the cygnet zone and the swan grabbed her with her beak and the hen had to flap her wings to get out of the grip.


Follow the leader


Aren’t we cute!


Veg, for a balanced diet


Family Portrait

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