Posted by: mdmusingsie | April 10, 2017

The Wonders of Spring

The days are getting longer and the trees and flowers are awakening from their slumber.  Unlike some of us who may not be at our shiny best when we wake up, nature shouts her joy at the return of the sun by sprouting seas of daffodils to remind us of the absent sun.  Trees are full of white and pink blossoms.  All this color and beauty can’t but bring a smile to your face.

A number of roundabouts near where I live are completely full of daffodil blossoms.  Even the grass median strips this year are a magical combination of daffodils and tulips as far as the eye can see.


The bunny rabbits are out in the corporate park near Xerox and PayPal.


Bunnies in the corporate park

Even the dandelions seem cheerful as they bring color to the land.  They may be a nemesis in the garden but actually have a number of healing properties.


Go out and enjoy the lengthening sun, thank the crocus, daffodils, tulips and trees for their magnificent colors and the delight they bring.


  1. Spring, yes.  Your last paragraph says to thank the flowers and trees for their beautiful colors.  I thank God for the creation of these flowers and trees with their colors.  Hope you all your readers do too.  Happy Easter !  

    • Everyone is welcome to give thanks using whatever method suits them best. I’m glad you have one that works well for you.

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