Posted by: mdmusingsie | September 15, 2016

Swan Roundup

Sorry to say that I’m way behind in my blog posts.  I have the photos, just haven’t found the time to sit down and write.

Here’s a roundup of my adventures in the lives of swans this year.  An Achilles injury caused by and/or compounded by a fallen arch set me back early in the year and still plagues me today, though it’s slowly getting better.  It has prevented many walking trips to view my beloved swans, but I have made a few excursions.

Back in April when I was in Galway, I caught a swan nesting with her partner nearby, keeping the pesky ducks and gulls away so she could rest.  Sadly I haven’t been back to Galway since April due to a busy schedule but also due to outrageous hotel and B&B prices in Galway.  Everyone loves Galway and accommodation offerings are taking full advantage.


In July I went in search of swans and cygnets in Saint Stephen’s Green – traditionally a place for a bumper crop of cygnets.  I found a lone swan but no cygnets in sight.  I’m hoping they were off playing hide and seek.  It wasn’t a total loss (I love to spend time in Saint Stephen’s Green whether there are swans or not), as I did find a family of ducks.  The ducklings were probably teen sized, but still kept pretty close in formation and didn’t stray far from their mother.


Later in that month I stopped by the Blanchardstown pond and found four cygnets – a large family for this neck of the woods – there were only two last year.  I had taken some soda bread end pieces I’d been saving up and they were quite grateful for the treats, though one of the parents kept coming closer and closer to me, finally squawking when I didn’t dish out the morsels quickly enough.


Hopefully next hear I’ll be healed completely and can catch the little darlings when they’re small.


  1. Dawn, I hope you have a total recovery from your Achilles injury! Gosh.

    We are in the process of moving back to the Midwest!!!!! Family is what draws us. Will keep you in the loop. Marie

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