Posted by: mdmusingsie | July 11, 2016

Extreme Snail Mail

I received a card from my mother today – July 11th.  She still likes to send cards, and who can really say that they don’t like receiving something in the mail (that isn’t a bill or an advertisement). It was a Happy Saint Patrick’s Day card.  Depending on how you look at it, it’s either 4 months late or 8 months early.

Looking closer, it appears to have either been caught up in a sorting machine or opened on purpose (the way it was torn it appears the former) and the back had been taped shut with the wide shipping-type tape.

On the front you can just make out the cancellation mark from Green Bay, WI in early March, 2016.


However, there was a stamp on the back that, upon inspection, has something in Spanish along with a date stamp of 21 Jun 2016.  The base of the stamp says ‘Ordinario Importancíon’ along with a code and ‘Mexico’.


This gives a whole new meaning to the term snail mail.  From near Green Bay, WI, USA via Mexico to Ireland in a mere 4 months.  If it wasn’t carried on the back of a snail it must have come in on a rowboat.

PS – yes that is a Christmas stamp (from 2013) – my mother buys forever stamps in bulk before the prices go up


  1. oh yeah…Merry Christmas!!! what’s the brexit buzz? Nice of the major players to make all those promises and then back away from all them…Time to exit the UK?

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