Posted by: mdmusingsie | March 6, 2016

The Daffodils Are Confused

There are some very old and very wise sayings that spring from incidents that just too full of coincidence to ignore. Things like it raining after you’ve washed your car or miserable weather the one day in summer you plan your outdoor picnic. Add to the list putting your winter boots away before April. I tucked mine away exactly one week before we were hit with an inch and a half of snow – in March!

I should have known better – If I remember correctly, the first year I moved to Dublin it snowed on St. Patrick’s Day.

So I drug my boots out of their box and trudged into work. Much of it was melting already, but walking past the daffodils made me wonder what they must be thinking.

With it being an El Niño year, we had some warmer than normal days in January. The daffodils thought for sure spring was coming and by February, their leaves were poking out of the ground. This was of course followed by a return of winter with temperatures sinking below freezing on some nights. Back and forth, the weather has been like a game of ping-pong.

Some of the brave daffodils took a chance and made their attempt at trumpeting the arrival of spring. What must they have been thinking when they awoke to a blanket of snow?


Daffodils in Snow

I suspect the ones that haven’t sprouted their flowers are probably tired of waiting for a long enough string of nice days to warrant their efforts and are wondering if they should just crawl back into their roots and wait for next year.

My boots will remain out of the box until at least April.


  1. He-he. I was going to put my winter boots away too this weekend, since the weather forecast says we are going to have 2 weeks of 50 degree temps. Based on this post, I think I’ll hold off for a little while.

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