Posted by: mdmusingsie | February 29, 2016

Happy Leap Day

Happy day-that-only-occurs-every-four-years-except-on-a-century-and-other-seemingly-random-times.

Who doesn’t like extra free time? Yet when we get our extra day every four years-ish, it’s not really ours to do with as we would like.

When it falls on a weekday, those who are in the labor pool are at work like any other normal workday. If you’re salaried (like myself), it’s the day where the Ebenezer Scrooges of the world get to pick your pocket. Unlike people paid by the hour, salaried folks will not see any extra in their paychecks this month for working an extra day.

I’m sure there are those out there who will argue that February is already a short month and we get the same pay for fewer work days every year, but they are just kissing cousins of said Mr. Scrooge. Some months have 20 working days up to 23 and it’s all supposed to even out over the course of the year. It’s just that every 4 (ish) years, there’s that extra day.

I’d much rather spend that precious extra free time writing, painting, crafting, sleeping, catching up on those DVR’d shows I’ll probably never watch, or even just watching the clouds drift past, dreaming up shapes of everything from flowers to dragons.

It is the day that women are supposed to be allowed to propose to a man and I suspect many do, just for the quaintness. You still have to be fairly confident (or thick skinned enough to risk rejection).

It’s an odd day to be married, or born for that matter. You get to kind of celebrate the occasion on alternate days 75% of the time (and yes, those years in-between do count towards your age and number of years of marriage).

But despite the novelty, I think salaried workers should unite and petition for a world holiday on Leap Day. Anyone with some extra free time want to lead the charge?


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