Posted by: mdmusingsie | January 23, 2016

I’m Published!

I was recently honored to have one of my poems published in Skylight 47 – a poetry magazine which dubs itself ‘possibly Ireland’s most interesting poetry publication’.

The magazine is in its third year and was started by a number of poets who attend Kevin Higgins’ poetry workshops at the Galway Arts Centre, which is located at 47 Lower Dominick Street (hint #1). The workshops took place on the upper floor in the art room with the skylights (hint #2).

Ireland is full of amazing poets and a large contingency of them reside in Galway. Getting published is not an easy task – I’ve been trying for many years. So when I say I was honored to be in this publication, I mean it with all sincerity.

Poets in the current issue are invited to read their poem at the launch of the publication which coincides with the Over the Edge monthly writers gathering. I’ll take any excuse to return to Galway, even if it’s only for a few days, so I packed my bag, bought my bus ticket and headed west.

My poem is called Shadows and is published under my pen name, Marie Dolores (which rolls off the tongue much easier than my given name).

Laden with the dozen copies of the magazine I procured – it is, after all, my first official publication – my suitcase was a little heavier on the return journey.

I hope this is the first snowflake to begin rolling down the mountain and that my other poems, short stories, and even those novels that I’m still trying to polish or finish will find their way into the wide world to bring the same kind of joy that I receive from reading other peoples’ work to those who will be reading mine.


  1. Congratulations! looking forward to reading it someday. Aunt Jan

  2. Congratulations, Marie Dolores!!!!! This is excellent news, Dawn. We are so happy for you. Marie and Dale

  3. Fantastic! Congratulations. An honor indeed.

  4. Congrats Dawn! Looking forward to seeing you soon. I hope you’ll bring copies with you for your friends to read.


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