Posted by: mdmusingsie | October 31, 2015

Oíche Shamhna (or Nollaig come early?)

The veils between the worlds are thin, the ghosts and goblins are set to haunt the night. Fireworks, bonfires, trick-or-treaters (some not even bothering with a costume) who will have elevated sugar levels for weeks, and thankfully, no rain were the orders of the day on this All Hallows’ Eve.

Although Christmas candy hit the shelves well before the annually shrinking sacks of snack-sized confections (though prices remain relatively constant), there was no shortage of treats for the wee folk who came knocking.

I didn’t see too many carved pumpkins on doorsteps, but there were a few. Sadly, several met their demise, impaled on the spikes of a garden fence.

What did strike me as I strolled today, and I could swear this hadn’t happened the last few years, were the Christmas decorations on Henry Street. Since I’ve been in Ireland I’ve been doing “window shopping” features at Christmas of the decorations and department store window displays in Dublin. It was always well into November before anything was ready for a photo shoot. Not this year. Western Capitalism is really planting roots deep in this part of the world. The last two years saw Black Friday sales, when it isn’t even a holiday here.

One thing they haven’t picked up on yet is the half price candy after the holiday (up to 75% by next weekend in the US on the things no one wanted in the first place). In Ireland, tomorrow, the bags of treats go back to normal price.

The wheel of the year turns once more and we find ourselves moving with the tide.

Indulge your ghosts, goblins, princesses, pirates, superheroes, butterflies, faeries, and all who come knocking (even those that appear not to have a costume may actually be sprites in disguise!). Let them enjoy that innocence as long as they can. Because if you don’t, one of your ancestors might just poke a fleshless finger through that thinned veil whilst you sleep!


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