Posted by: mdmusingsie | September 19, 2015

Culture Night 2015

There’s so much going on during Culture Night that they really need to think about stretching it to a weekend.

In 2012 I attended the inaugural Culture Night at Kenny’s Bookshop in Galway and was headed back this year after being invited as part of the Long Listed writers for the Over the Edge New Writer of the Year Award for 2015.

I arrived for the tail end of the fiction portion of the event which was held in the gallery area at the bookshop. A healthy sized crowd was already in attendance – quite impressive for an event that began at 4 pm on a Friday.

In addition to the Long List invitees, anyone was welcome to read and competition in the poetry category was intense. On offer were three gift certificates, generously provided by Kenny’s, for the three top poets as voted by Kevin Higgins, the MC, and Des Kenny. I didn’t win any of the prizes, but wasn’t entirely surprised as the level and amount of writing talent in Galway is mind boggling.

The evening wasn’t over yet as I then headed to Monroe’s for a bit of ceol. What a surprise when I found out the Hothouse Flowers would be playing in Galway the same night I was going to be there – kismet!

About 10 minutes too late for a coveted balcony seat, I sat in the back on the main level with a view of the stage.  I knew the view was to be short lived because as soon as the band took the stage at a totally Irish time of 10 past 10 pm, the majority of the main floor attendees headed to the dance floor where they squashed in plenty tight to prevent much in the way of dancing. While different folks came and went, that area was full throughout the nearly 2 hr show. Being height challenged, I chose not to fight my way through the crowd; instead, sat back and enjoyed the music from a distance.

A heavy dose of zoom and a dollop of paint

A heavy dose of zoom and a dollop of Paint (TM)

A view from (of) behind(s)

A view from (of) behind(s)

I love that no two shows are alike when it comes to the Hothouse Flowers. You’ll hear a few hits and favorites, but they are always mixing it up, even going back to their first ever CD so that no song in their repertoire remains buried forever.

After a week in the studio earlier in the month, I had thought we might get a small taste of what’s on the hob, but no such luck. The new tunes appear to be wrapped and hidden like early bought Christmas presents.

Oh, and if Liam happens to come across this post, the consensus (again) in the Ladies’ after the gig is the full beard does you no favors. However, the music is as good as ever.

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