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By the time our travels took us to Newcastle, people were on their way home from work and almost all the shops were closed for the day. It was around 6 pm so this is one of those towns that closes early, at least as far as the high street stores are concerned (we didn’t go into the shopping centre). Not so for the nightlife, from what I understand – the city has a reputation for a very vibrant nightlife. We didn’t stay long enough to find out.

Our plans were to find a place for dinner along the quays so we only had time for the penny tour of the town, so I focused my photographs on architecture.

Like a lot of European cities, one building blends into the next with nary a papers’ width between them. And also like many cities, some of these buildings have character whilst others are little more than rectangular boxes. Ornate to minimalist – there’s something for everyone.

Now that's what I call street appeal!

Now that’s what I call street appeal!

Great penthouse!

Great penthouse!

Lovely views

Lovely views

Obviously not my best photo, I was trying to get the Cathedral and castle in the same shot and missed the mark. However, if you look about three-quarters of the way up the left side of the building you’ll see a red clock. A very odd addition to a medieval building, but I supposed when it was added they wanted people to get themselves to the church on time (groan if you must).


Newcastle Cathedral

Cathedral Clock added in 1895

Cathedral Clock added in 1895

Although it was too late in the day to visit the castle which is smack in the middle of the city, keep an eye on future posts as this trip had a good dose of castle hunting. (or is it New Castle)

Newcastle…er…Castle (or is it New Castle)

When I say the architecture has something for everyone, I wasn’t kidding. The building below is called Sage and it’s on the Gateshead side of the River Tyne. It hosts two main stages, music education and information centres along with the requisite bars and restaurants.

Sage in Gateshead

Sage in Gateshead

My friend said it looked like a slug. I’m not a big fan of modern architecture so I can see how she came by that view. I can’t say I totally dislike it, but I won’t be building one in my back yard.

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