Posted by: mdmusingsie | August 1, 2015

My How They’ve Grown!

I knew it had been a while since I’d visited the swans in St. Stephen’s Green, but I hadn’t thought a mere six weeks would make that much of a difference.

From the wee tikes I first spotted at the end of May they were still toddlers in mid-June.



Now I return on the first of August to find teenagers! They’re nearly full size, even though it will be a year or so before they’re fully white.

Strutting our stuff

Strutting our stuff


Although they’re fed plenty of bread by well intended (but not always well informed passersby – no white bread!), they are herbivores and I spied one of the parents getting a bit of veg into their diet.


It was good to see that all three young ones are still alive and well. Three seems to be the magic number this year – there were three cygnets born to the swans on the Whitworth Road Canal and three to the Blanchardstown swans (though I think there’s only two left of those).

Typical family photo – hardly anyone is paying attention!

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