Posted by: mdmusingsie | June 7, 2015

Myth Fest

There’s an abundance of festivals in Ireland and this weekend I happened across Myth Fest at Trinity College.


Billed as ‘a platform for the revisiting, reimagining and interrogation of Ireland’s unique and incredibly vibrant allegorical history’, the program covered a wide range of topics including a contemporary look at film making called ‘One Small Step’ which I only caught the tail end of but included a Christopher Walken character dressed in what looked like a moon suit.

Except for one, all the mini-plays were held outdoors and luckily the weather held. It was family day so not only were the plays designed to encourage participation, but there was face painting, sock puppet making and other activities.

I watched ‘Burning Bright’ which had assorted stars taking their final exams for a chance to be a shooting star. I was particularly impressed by ‘Tales from the Shadowlands: Fairytales’ which was the only indoor performance. A canvas-like screen with a silhouette border and a light shining from behind set the scene. Paper cutouts attached to sticks were used to provide visual elements to the story whilst assorted narrators told their tales. It goes to show that entertainment doesn’t have to be all 3-D and special effects – old fashioned methods can provide equal enjoyment.

Except for ‘The Unquiet Hour: A Tale of Faeries’, all the shows and events were free, as well. The latter, out in Front Square at Trinity required tickets and likely helped finance the entire event. This show was an original production ‘inspired by W.B. Yeats collection of Fairy and Folk Tales for the Irish Peasantry’ featuring a group of actors and musicians. Taking place alternatively in the faerie realm and in the world as we know it, there were faeries trying to get out to assist humans and those out in the human world debating whether to return to the faerie realm. Not only was it entertaining but thought provoking as well, ending with the question as to whether faeries are really just nice, helpful humans? I believe there’s a little of both.

The Unquiet Hour:  A Tale of Faeries

The Unquiet Hour: A Tale of Faeries

The Unquiet Hour:  A Tale of Faeries

The Unquiet Hour: A Tale of Faeries

The Unquiet Hour:  A Tale of Faeries

The Unquiet Hour: A Tale of Faeries

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