Posted by: mdmusingsie | March 20, 2015

Solar Eclipse(d)

The hype has been building for the big Solar Eclipse today in Europe with near total eclipse predicted for Ireland.

Fog had shrouded the last few mornings leaving fingers and toes cramped from crossing. What an amazing opportunity…that I missed!

I headed to work in a light drizzle with camera tucked in my purse and hope tucked in my heart. Most of the Island was shrouded in some measure of cloud and many places, including downtown Dublin were blessed with a brief glimpse of the monumental event.  However, I think every cloud that separated for one place in the country pushed the clouds even thicker onto Blanchardstown.

We watched daylight fade to twilight at the apex about 9:30 am, but the closest I and my co-workers got to seeing the eclipse was on the telly.

So here’s what it looked like on the Isle of Lewis in the Scottish Hebrides


Here’s what it looked like in Blanch


And here’s some great photos others in Ireland who were blessed with a parting of the heavens saw.

There’s a partial eclipse due back in the area in 2026 but the next full one won’t be until 2600 (yes, that’s right, 585 years from now). Murphy and his Law are alive and well in Ireland.

Happy Spring Equinox, anyway.


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