Posted by: mdmusingsie | January 29, 2015

Flowers in Winter (revisited)

On a day where the winds were like shards of ice, snow was in the forecast, and intermittent ice droplets fell from the sky, I found hope in two places.

First was on my walk to work as I spied sprouts of what will be crocus and daffodil, venturing above the soil, sensing the lengthening days.

Second was at the Hothouse Flowers concert in St. Patrick’s Cathedral as part of Temple Bar Trad Fest. (One of the greatest festivals of the year!).

Hothouse Flowers - Trad Fest - St. Patrick's Cathedral Jan 28, 2015

Hothouse Flowers – Trad Fest – St. Patrick’s Cathedral Jan 28, 2015

Many of us braved biting wind and freezing slush/rain waiting in line for a good seat, but it was worth it as I positioned myself only about four rows from the stage.

The night was chilled and the stone walls and floors did little to warm the body, but as soon as the music began, the toe tapping and head bobbing soon had warm blood flowing freely.

Peter O'Toole

Peter O’Toole

Fiachna ó Braonáin

Fiachna ó Braonáin

Liam O'Maonlai

Liam O’Maonlai

Liam O'Maonlai, Martin Brunsden

Liam O’Maonlai, Martin Brunsden

Longevity and the infrequency of their gigs these days have not dulled their talents nor their cohesiveness, as the transition between tunes was effortless, despite the lack of a set list. The first three or four tunes were played without interruption. You’ll never get the same set of tunes twice at a Hothouse Flowers concert, either, as they mix popular favorites in with ones that may never have received airplay. A fondness for the ‘B’ sides and lesser known tunes is something I’ve always carried, so I, too, get to hear some of my favorites including ‘This is it (Your Soul)’ and ‘Stand Beside Me’. Despite being more of a rock and roll band, there was a sprinkling of traditional songs throughout the concert by Liam and Fiachna, confirming their ability to straddle both worlds and do it well.



A bit of footsie at the end of the gig

A bit of footsie at the end of the gig – Martin, Peter, Liam, Dave, Fiachna

Whilst the living in the ancient building were treated to waves of magical sound that pierced the pores to wash the soul clean, I suspect some of the permanent residents above and below ground such as these two enjoyed the evening as well. (For those of a sensitive nature, you may notice I had an extremely difficult time taking a photo of the one that looks like a woman as the resulting photo has interesting shadows – orbs and spirits abound in such places.)

TF_StP2_sm TF_StP1_sm

This close to Imbolc, I’m certain the music, performed with as much such joy and enthusiasm as it was received, will sing spring into wakefulness in the coming days.


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