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Monday night was the CD release for the band Ré which features some of Ireland’s top talent. Seasoned veterans Liam Ó Maonlaí and Peter O’Toole join more recently vetted rising stars Eithne Ní Chatháin, Cormac Begly (Ó Beaglaoich) and Mattiú Ó Casaide in a fusion of traditional music.

Whilst touring over the last three years with the Rian music and dance show, the group formed a special bond that set them on course to produce this CD, recorded live in Galway at St. Nicholas’ Cathedral back in June.

The record features plenty of traditional Irish music from tunes handed down through the ages to more recently birthed songs that are on track to join the ranks of timeless classics – those that are loved as much today as the ancestors did decades ago and will be enjoyed by their children’s grandchildren. That’s one of the things I love about traditional Irish music – it’s as relevant and entertaining today as it was a hundred years ago. Songs may morph as each musician throws a drop of their essence in before passing it along, but the core remains the same.

An enthusiastic crowd gathered in the intimate setting of the Unitarian Church in Dublin for the launch party of the CD. If you weren’t tapping your toes or bobbing your head at least once during the concert, you should be checked for a pulse. Front to back, I think they covered most if not all the songs on the record, interspersed with the few odd sparks of other tunes that rose from bits of banter between the members. The concert was a celebration of music, song, camaraderie, and joie de vivre. The perfect prelude to the holidays.

Was it really 2 ½ hours? It went by too quickly, as most enjoyable things do. Want a taste? Check out the Ré website.

Re (taking photos of musicians isn't easy, the seldom stop moving!)

Re (taking photos of musicians isn’t easy, they seldom stop moving!)



Mattiu, Eithne, Cormac

Mattiu, Eithne, Cormac

Eithne, Cormac, Peter

Eithne, Cormac, Peter


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