Posted by: mdmusingsie | September 22, 2014

No Frills and Few Basics, Either

One of my friends who was visiting is Danish and so we planned to spend a few days in and around Copenhagen to see the sites and visit some of her relatives.

Frills have long been banished from air travel and now even the basics are beginning to disappear. In the distant south-40, heavily dominated Ryan Air section of Dublin’s Terminal 1 we found our SAS flight to Copenhagen. No frills means no jetways and you must march down stairs, across the tarmac and back up stairs to board the plane. (Really? In a country where rain is predicted at least 300 of 365 days per year?) They boarded from the front and rear to speed the process (probably a luxury by Ryan Air standards where cabin crew may be required to arm-wrestle for which plane gets the rolling staircase). Not ideal for the elderly or those with bad hips, knees, someone with a small child and a carry-on, or even a person in a wheelchair (how would they handle that – put them on that cherry-picker-like thing they use to stock the galley?).

If you don’t drink tea or coffee you had better have either brought your own beverage or be prepared to shell out a few quid. Not even a free cup of water to be had, unless you possibly asked for the boiled version as if to place your own tea bag. You’re welcome to have refills of the two designated beverages, but the rest of the options are at a price. For those who don’t drink tea or coffee, this practice might be considered discriminatory; however, should word get out that I mentioned it as an unfair practice they’re likely to take away all beverages prompting nasty grams from tea and coffee drinkers. (Note: I do drink tea on occasion, but not very often and not the generic, plain stuff they serve on the airplane.)

Fortunately, Copenhagen airport has adopted the mid-20th century invention of the jetway and we were able to deplane and subsequently re-board in the modern era.

Next stop…Copenhagen.

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