Posted by: mdmusingsie | February 12, 2014


Whilst attending a concert last night by one of my favorite Irish artists Liam Ó Maonlaí, he told of the inspiration behind a very popular Hothouse Flowers tune Don’t Go. He had been walking back from a visit to the hospital where his friend Eamon lay in a coma from a motorbike accident. Although Eamon did not survive the accident, his influence was like a pebble in a pond, sending out ripples, one of which touched Liam and gave him the gift of inspiration. That song has been a stone dropped in the ocean and the resulting waves have touched hundreds if not thousands or more with its poignant words. To Liam, it was a plea for a friend to not give up the fight. To others it has given them the confidence to fight for a relationship or marriage; battle through a serious health issue; or even convince someone to resist the temptation of suicide.

Liam also mentioned Seán Potts, a talented and highly respected whistle player who played with the likes of Seán Ó Riada and The Chieftans. Mr. Potts passed away on Tuesday. It was the music of Sean Potts that, as Liam put it, ‘tunneled’ into him at the tender age of 10 and helped awaken a passion for music that has since sent waves of sound around the globe, touching the hearts and minds of millions.

We all create ripples. Some fade without affecting anyone or anything whilst others touch anywhere from one to many people. I suspect that more often than we realize, that wave we send touches someone we don’t even know. That’s not only the beauty but also the danger in the actions we take. What might have seemed like a ripple may turn into a tsunami.

A few sentences sent waves to inspire this post. Just a word or phrase has inspired some of my poetry. It doesn’t take much to touch others in unexpected ways. What kind of ripples are you sending?


BONUS! Besides the inspiration, I finally got to see Liam play his harp!



  1. I send the ripple of thanksgiving for your continued friendship, Dawn!


    • Thanks Marie. I hope you’re staying warm in Seattle – there’s been some pretty cold weather back that way.

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