Posted by: mdmusingsie | January 24, 2014

Recharge & Renew

I wrote this as I sat in a café on the canal in Galway.  The water drifted past the window reflecting the blues, whites and greys of the sky.  I can’t help but smile.  I’m near water again.

A rainbow appeared between Athenry and Galway as the bus sped down the motorway. What an incredible phenomena rainbows are.  Such vibrant colors – violet, indigo, green, yellow, orange and magenta – hard to capture on film (especially in a speeding vehicle).  All joined in a graceful arc; appearing out of nowhere and fading back into nothing just as quickly.


It takes rain to catch a rainbow, but it also requires light from the sun.  Opposites attracting and forming an amazing union.

The Corrib level is high as it rushes into Galway Bay.  How much I miss my almost daily walks along the canal, river or Bay; the movement of the water moving in time with the blood in my veins, tumbling forth gems of writing material whilst washing away all the doubts, fears, and uncertainties for long enough to let the creative side of the brain dance freely.  Fortunately, I’m not far enough away that I can’t make the trip on occasion to recharge and renew my spirit (which takes a beating in the high stress world of IT).


The Corrib River – Galway

Winter storms have left pock marked trails, ruined walkways, and damaged businesses along the prom. Yet the seaweed and stone circle in the stand remains.  Truly one of nature’s mysteries.

What once was a paved walkway around the famine memorial in Salt Hill. Chunks of asphalt and stone lie in the grass

What once was a paved walkway around the famine memorial in Salt Hill. Chunks of asphalt and stone lie in the grass


Sacred circle formed by seaweed and stones in the sand near South Park in Galway

Besides getting away from it all for a few day, I was in town especially to support a dear poet friend, Bogusia “Breege” Wardein, who was performing her first major reading at the Over the Edge monthly gathering.  I’ve long admired her poetry and to hear her deliver it live, Polish accent along with artful pauses to let the meaning soak in, was a real treat.


Bogusia “Breege” Wardein at the Over the Edge January gathering

Artists of all types – written word, paint and other medium, or musical, need a support system of like minded souls (it’s not a poem, Kevin Higgins, I can use the word soul) to bolster our sometimes fragile sense of worth and spawn further creative efforts by merely sharing our gifts between ourselves and those kind enough to listen.

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