Posted by: mdmusingsie | November 28, 2013

Black Thursday Comes to Ireland

You can take the woman out of the United States; take Thanksgiving off the calendar (though several people at work did wish me a Happy Thanksgiving); and keep the turkey waiting for Christmas dinner, but you can’t escape the holiday sales.

Today, from 7-10 pm the Blanchardstown Shopping Centre (biggest mall in Ireland) had a special “Dazzling Discounts Night” which included discounts and other deals at most of the stores, even some that don’t normally have sales. There was music, free potato chips/crisps (in new Spare Rib flavor – haven’t tried them yet), giveaways, and of course crowds reminiscent of the (very) few Black Friday events I’ve attended. (As far as I know there were no casualties as people queued for the free 20 Euro gift vouchers from Penneys (close but not exactly the JC variety) for the first 200 customers.)

Whilst I didn’t have that much to shop for, it’s too expensive to mail much of anything back to the US, I did pick up a few useful items at an extra discounted price.  Was it worth it, I wondered as I dodged the masses on my way out? After all, I could have been home, not quite stuffing myself like poor old gobbler-Tom, but eating something marginally more healthy than an Auntie Ann’s original pretzel for dinner (though I must admit it was good) whilst watching football on the internet; especially after passing the SKY TV booth and spotting the familiar green and gold uniforms on the big screens.  Yet it only took a quick glance at the 4th quarter score to realize at least I hadn’t spent the last 3 hours watching my favorite team get pounded into the tundra (better luck next year, Green Bay Packers).

Wishing a Happy Thanksgiving to all my family, friends, and faithful readers, and best of luck to the brave (including my sister) who can now bag Black Friday deals even before the carcass of poor old Tom has gone cold.


  1. Happy and Blessed Thanksgiving to you, Dawn. Thanks for your posts.

    Marie & Dale

    Sent from our iPod touch

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