Posted by: mdmusingsie | August 10, 2013

Little Bundles No More

It’s been a while since I’ve been able to visit the swans either in Blanchardstown or Dublin.  If it weren’t for the grey feathers, you would think the cygnets were fully grown swans, they’ve grown so big!


Is it sibling rivalry that breaks us into groups?

As they’ve grown older it has been interesting to watch the large family in Dublin go from huddling all together to gathering in separate groups.  Whilst seven of the eight had settled down and were finishing their preening before an afternoon nap, the last one stood apart, alternately feeding from the bird man and settling down.


See the pigeon eating right out of the backpack?


My wings aren’t quite fully grown, but I’m ready for adventure

About a month ago when I was in Dublin one of the cygnets had taken a swim by themselves while the others were settling down for a nap.  As I rounded the pond it was heading back to the family chirping all the way as if to say, ‘Why aren’t you all out here with me?’  I suspect this is the same cygnet, full of independence and ready for adventure.


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