Posted by: mdmusingsie | July 21, 2013

The Flying Trapeze

I was back in Galway for a few days of R&R, a visit with friends and to check out some of the Galway Arts Festival entertainment. How I miss being so close to the sea. 

After weeks of unseasonable heat, the clouds returned bringing some relief from the scorching sun.  Few homes and equally few hotels have air conditioning. The room in Jury’s Inn Galway was one of those without and the heat from the weeks of unrelenting sun made the room oppressive.  I opened the windows and headed outside. Galway is famous for its winds so the breeze was welcome and helped keep the humidity at bay. One of the first things I did was stroll along the Claddagh, watching the swans swim lazily along with the outgoing tide (no cygnets in sight). 


The Galway Arts Festival boasts all types of entertainment from visual arts to written and spoken word to music, theatre and more.  Whilst many events require admission charges, there were plenty of free shows as well.  A man on a trampoline demonstrated a new way of getting dressed in the morning.  You can get your exercise and get ready for work at the same time.


Eyre Square hosted the men and women of the flying trapeze. Timing is of the essence with this act and I suspect the performers were grateful for the absence of sun and the sweat it would bring making the grips even more precarious as performers flew from one partner to another.  Fortunately for them, they were not flying without a net as there were a few falls, whether contrived or not they did well to hide it if there were true misses.



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