Posted by: mdmusingsie | June 7, 2013

A Bumper Crop!

There are many terms for a group of swans and I didn’t exactly find ‘bumper crop’ among them, but that’s what I thought when I saw this adorable family in St. Stephen’s Green.


The Gang’s All Here

The sun has been shining all day all week – a rarity in Ireland, and the crowds were out in force in the park.  Plenty of families with children were admiring their wildlife counterparts.  Normally wound-up, chock-full-of-energy children sat still on the ground, enthralled by the sight of the family preening themselves on dry land as the little ones prepared for their late afternoon nap.


Ring around the rosie… (also known as ring-a-ring-a-roses)


Follow the leader…


All (web) feet on deck!


A well deserved rest after all the games we played…

As I took my turn gawking a woman came up and started counting the cygnets.  Twice I saw her as she moved her finger from one side to the other, then back again.  “Eight of them,” she said, to no one in particular.  “Only eight.”

 “Yes, there are eight,” I replied as she was relatively close to me.

“Yesterday there were nine,” she informed me in a German accent.  “Must have been the foxes,” she added as she turned to leave.

It made me a little sad to know that yesterday there was one more beautiful cygnet than there were today. How can they guard the large brood by themselves; though you would think a place like St. Stephen’s green is relatively protected? How do the swan parents cope with such a loss?  As most other species, I suspect, including humans – mourn their loss while putting their energy into caring for the rest of the group as well as they can.  (As an aside, are there really foxes in downtown Dublin?)

For the record, herd, bevy, game and team are some of the terms that describe a group of swans.  Another, that seems apropos with the loss of one of the children is lamentation.

We have a fascination with babies, whether they be swan, duckling, puppy, or any other animal variety, not to mention human. People will stop to stare, smile, wonder, and dream; all without regard to species, race, color, gender, or creed.  If only we could apply that to our fellow adults…

That wasn’t the only entertainment going on in the park that day. A group of Shakesperean-ish actors were performing some snippets of plays on the opposite side of the pond. No shortage of spectators lounged in the sun on the grass, watching the performance.  I only lingered a few minutes – the traffic noise seemed to be drowning out much of their words.  Hopefully they will work on their projection as they hone their talent.



  1. I hope you will show us the swans when we come for a visit on the 23rd. Can hardly wait!!

    • I would love to! Looking forward to seeing you all.

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