Posted by: mdmusingsie | June 3, 2013

Not-Quite-So-Tall Ships

Mention tall ships and you’ll easily get my attention. There’s something majestic about huge wood-crafted structures that no fiberglass or steel boat can match. So when I found out about River Fest, I had to check it out.

None of the massive vessels that were here last year for the Tall Ships Festival came to this much smaller event, but there were several of modest size that people were allowed to explore.

If you have a notion to try your hand at sailing one of these fine crafts, there are options available.


Book now to sail on the ship below…


River Fest was definitely a family event with plenty of rides and bouncy things for children to play upon while their parents watched the boats.

To add to the fun, the Dublin Port tug boats strutted their stuff, performing dance-like maneuvers around each other, the Irish Coast Guard rescue helicopter did a fly around the festival site, and Gaffer boat races kept the crowd entertained.


Gaffer boats preparing for the race


Irish Coast Guard rescue chopper

The Jeanie Johnson, a tall ship tourist attraction permanently moored in the docklands was open for free as part of the Festival.  Naturally, free didn’t mean the entire talk and experience you would get by booking a paying ticket, but you could walk around on board and see the cabin below where dozens of people would have occupied the cramped quarters as they fled from the famine.


Jeanie Johnson tallship – Dublin


Provisions (where’s the beef? or protein in general) and famine info


Privacy? Not on this voyage.

Whilst it was overcast much of the day, it was dry and pleasant, the perfect day to be outside and along the river.


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