Posted by: mdmusingsie | May 31, 2013

Nap Time at the Pond

The nice part about having swans and cygnets in a pond in park like the one near me or St. Stephen’s Green, is that it’s easier to track the progress of the young.  When I lived in Galway, there were so many canal nooks and crannies that I could go for a month or more without knowing how the wee ones were getting on.


Preening after a swim

Two weeks after I had my first good look at the new crop of fluffy floating balls I wandered down to check on their progress.  My how they’ve grown!  Nearly twice the size as they waddled out of the pond to fluff their feathers and preen, they appeared oblivious to my presence as I stood less than ten feet away.

One did straighten up to have a gander at one of the ducks or seagulls, but having seen other families and children around the pond, they aren’t fazed by humans.


Are you talkin’ to me?

Despite the seeming placidity, one of the parents did chase off a few ducks that had wandered over to feed on the bits of rye bread I had scattered (unlike the parents and children who throw white, stale, or moulded bread, I’m aware that these are not good for swans as it causes them to develop ‘pink feather flamingo syndrome’ where they lose some of their natural waterproofing and ability to stay warm.

After sufficient fluffing and cleaning, the little ones, tired from their swim, settled down for a late afternoon nap.


Nap time…zzzzzzz

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