Posted by: mdmusingsie | May 5, 2013

New and Old (cuid a dó)

Despite its reputation as a predominantly Georgian City, there are sprinklings of modern architecture in Dublin.  Some blend, others collide like a clash of cymbals.

Coming upon the Aviva Stadium in Ballsbridge is like stepping into a time warp.  By taking a mere few steps, you leave Georgian Dublin and arrive at something that in the 22nd century will still likely appear contemporary. It looks as if a giant, out of this world spaceship landed in the middle of a residential area.

Aviva2 Aviva1

Normally, I consider modern architecture and it’s penchant for metal and glass fishbowls cold and impersonal; yet, the Aviva has more of what I can only describe of as a soul than most buildings of similar materials.  Maybe it’s the curvature that lends to the attraction, or possibly the size, which is imposing when seen up close.  Whilst still a bit jarring, going between the brick and mortar to metal and glass worlds (I’d hate to have lived in the residential buildings that are only feet from the structure during construction), it somehow seems to belong.


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