Posted by: mdmusingsie | May 4, 2013

New and Old (cuid a haon)

Each time I’m in Dublin I try to wander down a few streets I haven’t visited before.  Not only am I educating myself on the different areas of the city, but you just never know what you’ll come across.

As I strolled down Pembroke Road towards the Grand Canal I came across a movie crew shooting a film. Unlike the USA where a crowd would have formed and lingered, only a handful of folks stopped to briefly stare, then went about their business.


I, too did not dally, but continued on my way, coming across a dinner boat going through one of the canal locks.

Four chaps were enjoying a drink on a pleasant but breezy late afternoon aboard the vessel (I’m not voyeuristic enough to have taken their picture).  Either by design or to avoid the crowd gathering to watch the process, the lads exited the boat just as the upper deck reached ground level.


In this 21st century, these locks are still as manual as they were over a hundred years ago.  A man exited the boat, tied it to the gate, took out something akin to a tire jack and opened the sluice gate to allow the water to lift the boat to the new level.  It took at least 10 minutes for the basin to fill and the vessel to rise even with the section through which it was headed.  The same man returned and used the tire iron to close the sluice gate and lift the bars holding the gate in place.  Using his back, he pushed one side of the gate open then climbed aboard and across the boat to do the same on the other side.  Although I didn’t stay to watch the closing of the gates, I suspect it was the same manual 0process in reverse.











As much as some things change, others remain uniquely the same.

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