Posted by: mdmusingsie | April 21, 2013


Whilst my walking these days consists mostly of to/from work along a relatively busy street in a sea of industrial parks where I suspect the exhaust fumes I inhale far outweigh the health benefits of the physical exercise, there is a small oasis in the IDA technology park.

I had seen the man-made lake on my bus trips to/from the local shopping mall along with the resident swans, but it was only on Friday that I noticed what I thought was a swan sitting atop a nest.  Not one to pass up a swan opportunity, I took a walk down there today as I had some rare free time.


There she was, regal atop her bed of reeds and rushes, with her mate protectively patrolling the waters should anyone try to get too near.

As I stood on the far end, relishing the absence of traffic and absorbing some serenity from the calm waters, I spied a mother duck with a troop of ducklings gliding across the pond.  At that point, I was too far away for a photo, but as I strolled back and waited a while, she came back across with her brood in tow. 


Like most young children once they become mobile, the chicks were a bundle of energy, spinning one way then another, crashing into each other like bumper cars.  The father escorted the family across the lake, keeping the little ones together when they attempted to stray, but as soon as they reached the shore, he was off on some real (or perceived) errand.


With my attention focused too closely on the ducklings and not on the approaching dark clouds, I was treated to a 30 minute return journey in the rain.  I must say, though, that it was worth it for those few moments of peace and tranquility, bonding with nature.


  1. Lucky you…! In the past I used to walk in a reserve where Canada Dusky Geese stopped during their trips south and then back north. It was always a joy to see them just hanging out. When they would decide it was time to go, there would be this huge sound that would erupt, almost like people cheering in a stadium, and then all at once they would lift off…some of my fondest memories…thanks for sharing your experience.
    Susan in Newport Oregon

    • Wow, what a sight that would be! I’m hooked on swans, so there will likely be more posts as the cygnets are born and grow. I had a series last year on cygnets in Galway. I never tire of seeing them and hope you won’t either.

  2. good job focusing on the truly important things in life!!!!

  3. […] looked around to see if I could find the tiny ducklings from less than a month ago, but there were no fluffy little brown and yellow balls floating […]

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