Posted by: mdmusingsie | March 24, 2013

Egg Hunt – cuid a haon

I sat sipping hot chocolate at Starbucks in the nearly deserted CHQ Centre in the IFSC area of Dublin.  I had gone in search of Meadow & Byrne (a kitchen/cookery store similar to Pottery Barn in the US), but all that remained was the name above the door.  Whilst Starbucks business was steady, I could literally almost count on one hand how many stores are left in this mall.  The main corridor is lined with empty glass boxes.  One would think the financial sector of Dublin would be able to sustain the shops.

The trip wasn’t a total loss.  The main aisles held dozens of large decorated eggs.  They are sampling of the 100 egg sculptures placed around Dublin City as part of the Big Egg Hunt put on by chocolatier Lily O’Brien. Part of the hunt included a form you could fill out once you tracked down a certain number of eggs and enter for a chance at an assortment of prizes. I had seen two eggs under glass in St. Stephen’s Green a few weeks back, but had forgotten about them.

The designs ranged from basic to elaborate, philosophical to whimsical and everything in between.  Here’s a few of my favorites.


The eggs themselves are being auctioned off to benefit the Jack & Jill Children’s Foundation charity.  Some were auctioned last night at a big gala, but there’s still a few days left to bid online for some of the others.

Alas, they are not made of nor filled with chocolate; not that you’d want to crack them open anyway, they are too beautiful.  Worry not; I’ll be bringing you this year’s installment of my chocolate egg hunt in part two later in the week.  In the mean time, you can always check out last year’s egg fest.


  1. My school friend made one of these eggs & when I was in Dublin recently my dad & I found 26 of them 🙂 I loved the Viking 🙂 Did you get to see Bono? He was great!

    • I only saw the Bono egg on the web, not in person. I’m sure I only saw about a quarter of them, total, so lots I didn’t see. Finding 26 is impressive! I live a ways out from the City Centre, but if I had been closer it would have been fun to participate in the hunt.

      • The Bono egg was in the Stephens Green Shopping Centre. There were lots there, and 8 in St Stephens green, we only found 7

        Have found out from comments on my post that there’s one in London too so hoping to find some of them over the Easter hols 🙂

  2. I have been reading and enjoying your blog for a few months now. But, I just had to mention that I can’t imagine what you are doing at Starbucks (or Starcrooks as I like to call them) when you are in a city filled with so much diversity…don’t mean to be negative just wondering if you needed a touch of home!

    I live at the Oregon Coast (Newport) and I am always saddened when driving through nearby villages seeing the increasing number of empty storefronts. I can’t comment on any malls, a) we don’t have any, and, b) as referenced above – diversity diversity diversity…malls seem so generic these days, although a Dublin mall would certainly be filled with new to me “generic” businesses! / susan

    • I can understand where you’re coming from. I can honestly say it wasn’t my first choice (or even second, or third) but I had three quarters of an hour to kill before meeting someone and with the store I was looking for closed, Starbucks was the only place around where I could get something to drink and sit for a while (and start writing the egg post while I waited). The financial district of Dublin is pretty deserted on the weekend and I’m not that familiar with that side of town, anyway. I suppose if I looked harder I could have found a pub. It was merely a convenience on a cold, blustery day.

      Lucky you, living in Newport! I lived in Vancouver, WA for many years and love being near the ocean. I had that luxury in Galway, but am sadly farther inland at the moment (though in Ireland, you’re never really that far from ocean.

      Thanks for reading the blog!

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