Posted by: mdmusingsie | March 11, 2013

Spring has not Sprung

I went to bed in Dublin last night, and was certain I’d woken up in Wisconsin when I looked out the window to see more than a dusting of snow on the ground and the air full of flurries.  I’m not in Wisconsin anymore, Dorothy, or anywhere near Kansas; and by the way, this is March!

As I prepared for work, the snow stopped falling and there was actually blue sky and sunlight.  “It’ll all be gone soon,” that rarely seen optimist side of me thought.  However, because there was between half an inch and an inch on the ground (it was drifting), I decided to take the bus instead of walk to work.  That must have tweaked the weather gods (or the health gods who had convinced the weather gods to give me a break because I needed the exercise) because as I was waiting for the bus, the skies closed again and the flurries returned with a vengeance. 

Construction has made the road to work a challenge for quite some time, and throw in a little snow and it slows even further.  It took me longer to get to work by bus than if I had walked (though I was spared any embarrassment of slipping and falling on my behind with possible bruising or broken bones).

Whilst the clouds held no silver linings, someone had dropped about 82 cent in assorted coins at the bus stop, which I had no problem claiming.  They probably didn’t hear them fall into the soft snow.  I’m not above picking pennies (or any other denomination of coin or bill) off the street.  At least it was some consolation for the wild weather.


My back garden


Mo Theach nua


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