Posted by: mdmusingsie | December 31, 2012

New Year’s Party – a day early

My New Year’s Eve party came a day early this year.  What better way to celebrate a holiday, or any day for that matter, than with a Hothouse Flowers concert.

Whelan’s in Dublin was packed to the rafters with the majority of the attendees, myself included, standing, though no one seemed to mind.  That many bodies in an enclosed space should not require additional heating but the room temperature at times resembled (pardon the pun) a hothouse.

From what they said, the band hadn’t played in Dublin for about 2 years and could easily have filled a larger venue.  I did think the sound mixing was a little off as the vocals and piano tended to be drowned out by the other instruments; however, the crowd sang along to so many tunes, Liam even turned it over to several attendees at random points.

Re-joining the band after a hiatus was Peter O’Toole, and all the lads, Liam O’Maonlaí, Fiachna O’Braonáin, Dave Clark, and Martin Brunsden on double base, were in rare form.  Liam, in his traditional bare feet, pulled out some impressive dance moves, as well.  Some might say it’s the Rian show influence, but anyone who’s seen him pre-Rian knows he loves to dance nearly as much as create music.

It wasn’t the normal set of crowd favorites, though there were plenty of those in the two hour plus, set.  They reached back to the very early days to pull out classics like Feet on the Ground, I’m Sorry, Love Don’t Work This Way along with a few others.  Smiles between the band members throughout the set either meant they were recalling memories of past performances or enjoying working at what they love – probably both.

During the encore Liam introduced us to what he called ‘the next generation’ which included his son Cian and Cian’s friend (my apologies, I’m terrible with names), both playing guitar on a rousing rendition of Hallelujah Jordan.  Also in attendance was Fiachna O’Braonáin’s father.  He wasn’t the only grey haired attendee – they ran the gamut from just learned to shave on up, showing the multi-generational appeal of Hothouse Flowers music.

Now if only we’d start hearing even rumors of a new album (ah…er…CD for generationally challenged).

What do you say, lads? How about channeling those random thoughts we all know you have about creating new music, gathering them into solid conjecture which easily translates to intention, ultimately resulting in action?  It never hurts to ask…

Athbhliain faoi mhaise – all the best in 2013

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