Posted by: mdmusingsie | September 3, 2012

Cygnet Update 5

If I’m not going on and on about harps, it seems I’m on about cygnets and swans. Two subjects I never seem to tire of and feel compelled to drag you along with me.

I saw the cygnets and their parents a couple days ago venturing out into Galway Bay. My camera didn’t have enough zoom power to get a good picture of the family – hopefully you can make them out.

On my walk yesterday the run portion of the Ironman competition was in process along Galway Bay. They really should rename the competition because there were quite a few women participating, as well. At least it was a decent day – not too warm nor was it rainy – mostly cloudy and pleasant for a run (swim and a bike ride to boot). Maith thú to all the participants.

I saw the swan family in the Claddagh on my way back. While out in the bay they were all close together with one parent leading and the other bringing up the rear and making sure everyone was moving along. Maybe it was their first foray into that wide expanse of water.

Back in the Claddagh, though, the cygnets were exerting their independence (either that or they were annoyed with each other over some implied or intentional slight, you know how kids can be) and were hunting for snacks with a good 7 to 10 feet distance between them. Mom and Dad were in attendance, to not only keep the peace but round up their own meals.

At least one cygnet chose to do some preening while I was watching and I was able to get a few shots showing how white the feathers are underneath the gray top layer and you can see where the bottom of their necks are nearly all white as well. Another couple of months and they’ll be indistinguishable from the other swans. Children grow up so quickly, you need to enjoy them while they’re young – and that goes for the human variety as well.

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  1. Hi Dawn,  Guess What?  Your Uncle Tom is now 80 years old, can you believe that?  I’m crazy about swans.  I have a picture hanging in the hallway of Larry, Paul and Me in a boat, with two swans in front of us.  Actually it’s on the side of the boat.  Tom took the picture from the shore.  It is such a wonderful picture of two swans, almost as if someone took two pictures and placed the swans in front of the rest of the picture.  Not sure if that’s clear.  I wish I knew how to scan & send, but I don’t. Love, A. Jan P.S.  Before you know it, your Mom will be there with you in Ireland.   


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